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ABC Cake Topper

An exquisite, one of a kind cake topper, made just for you, by Memory Keepsake Party. 

With all the glitter and sparkles, this ABC 3rd birthday cake topper is ready to sparkle on your cake. It is created in glitter cardstock in the age of your choice. Perfect for a girl or boy party, toddler party, or an education party.

Usually ships the next day

*In the photo, the Ballerina cake topper is 8" tall x 8" wide on an 8" top tier cake. It is important to know the size of the top tier of your cake before purchasing. The correct way to size is to purchase the same size as your top tier (6" top tier should go with a 6" topper unless you prefer a larger topper).

6" tall x 6" wide - Best for a 6" top tier - Attached to a 6" wooden stick
7" tall x 7" wide - Best for a 7" top tier - Attached to a 12" wooden stick
8" tall x 8" wide - Best for an 8" top tier - This size will get noticed - Attached to a 12" wooden stick

After you receive and you would like your stick shorter use scissors to cut the stick to the size you need.

This also makes a great centerpiece pick! If you'd like it for that purpose, please let me know and I'll attach a 16" wooden stick to make it a fun stand-out piece on your table.

Single-sided you will see the white backing and wooden stick. Double-sided you will see the featured design on both sides.

*In the photo, it is created in red, blue, yellow, and green glitter cardstock.  Photos 7 and 8 show all the colors that are available in the glitter cardstock.
*From the drop-down menu choose the size and whether you want single or double-sided.
*Click on Add To Cart button
*You will see the box available to put in the age you would like and the numbers you would like to add up (1 + 2). If you clicked on My Colors In Notes, put here also the colors you would like.

The ABC cake topper is lovingly handmade to order and carefully packaged in a box to help ensure safe delivery to you.