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Dinosaur Party Favor Bags

Now these are the cutest Dinosaur Party Favor Bags for your party. We've taken the concept of a Dinosaur party and elevated it with these high quality cotton bags. This Dinosaur party decoration is further distinguished with the use of real micro beads to color the dinosaurs, making them a three-dimensional embellishment bag that is truly fit for the dinosaur lovers.

Set of 10 - Comes in 3 sizes, see checkout for bag sizes. You will get 2 of each design and then 2 repeats, making 10.

In the photo the Dinosaur Favor Bags only come in a cream color. The micro beads used in the photo are dark green and silver. If you would like a custom color, please write your preference in the Color portion of your order.

2 Days to create and ship

These Dinosaur Birthday Party bags are lovingly handmade to order and lovingly packaged in a box to help ensure safe delivery to you.