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Twin Boys Cupcake Toppers

Congratulations your having twin boys. We've taken the concept of a Twin Boy baby shower and created these Twin Boy cupcake toppers in high quality glitter card stock. These Twin Boys decorations are further distinguished with the use of real bling, making them a three-dimensional embellishment that are truly fit for the precious twin boys.

Set of 12

4" wide x 3" tall - This size will get noticed
Custom sizing available upon request

In the photo the Twin Boys cupcake toppers are shown in gold glitter card stock for the back and light blue glitter card stock for the front. The bling are different colors, bringing out a little sparkle in each cupcake. If you have a custom color, please write your preference in the Color portion of your order.

Select your variation of single or double sided. Please note the single sided version results in a Twin Boys decor with an unadorned backing so the wooden pole is visible. The double sided will show the design on both sides.

Usually ships the next day

These Twin Boys cupcake toppers are lovingly handmade to order and carefully packaged in a box to help ensure safe delivery to you.

We use high quality glitter card stock from The Paper Studio manufacturer (not the website). Please keep in mind like anything else, once you start cutting the strength will become delicate. They will not fall over, however, the double sided will be sturdier. These are not meant to be a toy, they are created to be cherished and handled with care.